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    Current situation of Sri Lanka private bus transportation

    On 13 amendments of Sri Lanka constellation established in 1988 by provincial councils. Buses which are running under provincial council are guiding by transport authorities. 9..

  • Lanka Private Bus Assosiation News

    LPBOA complaints to the Human Rights Commission

    On 08th November 2013 we have lodged a complaint to the human rights commission about the Western province transport authority about the increasing service charges of log sheets...

  • Lanka Private Bus Assosiation News

    LPBOA requests government for quality diesel

    High sulphur concentrated diesel has many negative effects on the buses and the environment. Even though a gazett notification (GE No 1295/11 dated 30/06/2003) was released..

  • Lanka Private Bus Assosiation News

    The official launch of Touch Travel Pass

    The pre paid smart card system introduced for private bus passengers, “Touch Travel Pass” was launched on the 06th of June by the Minister Economic Development Basil Rajapaksa and President of

  • Lanka Private Bus Assosiation News

    “Touch Travel pass” – What’s in store for the public

    The prepaid travel card system is anticipated to benefit both the passengers and the bus owners. It will be available at a mere rate of Rs. 100.00 an the users will be enabled to top up as an when required.



The private bus transport service was initiated in 1907 with a mere 2 busses.

The two busses were deployed to the Colombo Chilaw rout by G.W Colts. Subsequently during the next 50 years many purchased busses and deployed them on many routes.

However according to an election pledge made by the United Front Government which assumed power in 1956, around 78 private bus companies were acquired by the government. This acquisition provided the employees of these private bus companies permanent jobs and availed them of many benefits.

The main disparity between the two transport services at the time was the bus fares. While the busses plying the hill country routes charged additional fares claiming the journey was hazardous,

Our Expirence

Here the bus operators are expected to share their experiences both pleasant and unpleasant.

We have in our association conductors and drivers with 20 -30 years extensive experience, currently serving on our buses. It is the desire of this program to showcase their details at international level.